Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil

Types of Oil

When it comes to the oil in your vehicle, you’ll need to decide on what type your vehicle needs in terms of synthetic oil vs. conventional oil. Both oils differ greatly in how long they last and what they can do for your engine.

At Bohn Toyota, we’re here to explain to drivers in Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie the difference between these two oil types and which one would be best for your vehicle. Keep reading to find out what type of oil you should put in your engine and contact us with any questions!

What Is Synthetic Oil?

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Like conventional oil, synthetic oil is made from crude oil from the ground. However, the major difference is that synthetic oil is carefully refined and put through a purification process where it’s broken down into its most basic molecules to remove the impurities. Several additives are also included during this stage of the refinement process to give the synthetic oil better heat resistance and longevity with lubricating, cooling, and cleaning the moving metal parts in engines.

How Is Synthetic Oil Different from Conventional Oil?

In terms of synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, there’s some pretty substantial differences. While they’re both made from crude oil, conventional oil doesn’t go through the meticulous refinement process that synthetic oil does. Because synthetic oil is broken down into its basic molecules, it can withstand longer heat durations than conventional oil. Since conventional oil breaks down quicker, there’s a higher frequency of oil changes.

How Long Does Each Oil Last?

Each oil type performs the same function of lubricating the metal moving parts to reduce friction, keep the parts cool, and reduce the risk of your engine overheating. Each oil even works to keep the parts clean by picking up the dirt and debris in the engine, but after enough dirt is collected, the oil becomes dark, gritty, and less effective at its most basic functions.

Conventional oil typically lasts anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is rated to last between 5,000 and 8,000 miles or even more. Considering the differences in each oil’s longevity, conventional oil changes are more frequent. When you’ve got synthetic oil in your vehicle, you’ll be at your local service center fewer times throughout the year for an oil change.

Conventional vs Synthetic: Which Oil Is Right for My Car?

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The type of oil your vehicle takes really depends on the age of your vehicle. Since synthetic oil is relatively new, it’s designed for most modern engines from 2008 or later. Older vehicles can take synthetic oil, however conventional oil may be the better choice. There are even conventional and synthetic blends to offer the best of both oil types, which can be better for older vehicles rather than full synthetic.

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