Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

Low Dipstick Reading

Drivers all throughout Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie know that the oil change is the most common form of maintenance that their vehicle requires. However, what happens when you’re low on engine oil and you’re still months away from your next oil change service?

In order to know if you need to get your vehicle to service right away, our team at Bohn Toyota is going to go over the top symptoms of low engine oil. This guide can help you prepare if your vehicle is showing the signs of low engine oil. Be sure to contact our team today with any questions!

What Oil Does for Your Car

Oil serves a few important functions for your vehicle and helps aid in its performance and efficiency. Oil’s most basic function is to keep the moving metal parts in your engine lubricated to help reduce the friction they create when grinding together.

Another function of oil is that it helps keep the parts cool to prevent your engine from overheating. Lastly, oil keeps the parts clean by picking up the dirt and debris in the engine. However, if your engine oil is low, your vehicle won’t be as efficient and your engine could potentially overheat.

Symptoms of Low Engine Oil

Toyota Dashboard Light

  • Oil Pressure Warning Light: If you’ve got low engine oil in your vehicle, your Oil Pressure Warning Light will pop on the dashboard. The sensors in your oil tank can detect a drop in pressure. Once this light comes on, you’ll want to schedule your service as soon as possible.
  • Burning Oil: When you pick up on a burning oil smell, you’ll want to pull your vehicle over immediately. It indicates that there’s a leak and oil is dripping on hot engine parts (causing the burning oil smell). Once you let the vehicle cool, check the dipstick to see if you’re low on oil. If it’s low, contact your certified service center and don’t try to drive your vehicle.
  • Sluggish Performance: Since oil helps keep the metal parts lubricated and moving efficiently, when your engine is low on oil your vehicle will have the opposite effects. You’ll notice a sluggish performance and a reduction in efficiency.
  • Engine Clunking: When the metal parts in your engine aren’t properly lubricated, they’ll cause more noise when you’re driving. You’ll hear some grinding noises, but you’ll hear a lot of clunking. If you hear this sound, check your oil level and schedule service if the oil level is low.
  • Engine Overheating: One of the biggest symptoms of low oil in your engine is your engine overheating. When this happens, you’ll want to pull over to safety and let your engine cool down. At this point, you’ll want to contact your certified dealer and schedule service to refill your oil and inspect the system for a leak.

What to Do When You’ve Got Low Engine Oil

If you noticed any of these signs, you can be certain that your engine is low on oil. When this occurs, you’ll want to seek service immediately to add more oil as well as patch up any leaks that’s causing your engine oil to leak. If you’re in need of service, you can contact us at Bohn Toyota. We’d be happy to provide the necessary service to get your vehicle back out on the road.

Schedule your service with us at Bohn Toyota! We’re here to help drivers throughout Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie keep their vehicle in the best shape for their adventures on the road.