Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Oil Change

Regularly changing the oil and filter inside your vehicle every 3,000 – 5,000 miles is a simple, yet important maintenance task that too many drivers fail to make a priority. Ignoring routine maintenance like this can result in costly repair down the road or worse—a serious breakdown or accident.

If you’re a driver near Harvey, New Orleans, or Metairie, LA, who keeps ignoring that bright change oil light on the dashboard, keep reading below to find out how simple and easy it can be to have it fixed. Contact our team at Bohn Toyota to learn more!

What Are the Signs that I Need an Oil Change?

Check Engine Light

While the best way to stay on top of your next oil change is to know the mileage interval and keep an eye on your odometer, there are some other signs that you can rely on to tell you when it’s time. But if you notice these signs, you won’t want to put off the oil change for too long.

  • Loud Engine – You’ll hear loud grinding and knocking noises on top of a generally louder sounding engine.
  • Decreased Performance – If your vehicle struggles to climb steep inclines or if its acceleration feels anemic, it’s a sign you need to have your engine inspected by a licensed technician.
  • Poor Fuel-Efficiency – If during your normal commute you notice you’re going through a tank of gas faster than usual, it might be a sign that your engine is in need of a full oil and filter change.
  • Check Engine/Oil Change Light – This dashboard light will appear when it’s sensing that your oil isn’t functioning at its optimal level.
  • Dark & Dirty Engine Oil – If you check your oil level, and the oil you wiped away from the dipstick appears to be dark and sludge-like, it indicates that it’s time for some fresh oil.
  • Oil Smell in the Cabin – When the smell of oil is prevalent in the cabin, it could mean that your oil is burning, and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Excessive Mileage on Your Odometer – Typically, oil needs to be changed every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, so if you’ve surpassed this range, you may want to consider scheduling an oil change.

The Importance of Getting an Oil Change

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The inside of your engine is made up of a number of metal parts, all moving together to keep your vehicle in motion. Motor oil helps to absorb heat created by friction while removing dangerous particles that inevitably find their way into your engine. Without motor oil, your engine would quickly overheat and start to break down.

The longer you go between oil changes, the more your engine’s oil is exposed to things like: moisture, oxygen, and dirt particles that over time turn your oil into a heavy, dark sludge. This decreases your engine’s performance, decreases fuel-economy, and, if ignored for too long, can lead to a seized engine. A seized engine is an expensive repair that may easily be avoided by keeping a simple routine maintenance schedule.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change Today!

By reading this guide, not only are you aware of the important role oil plays in your vehicle, but you now know the signs to look out for when it’s time to have your oil changed. When you notice these signs, or you’re about due for an oil change based on your odometer, you can always schedule your oil change with us at Bohn Toyota!

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