Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms Harvey LA

Transmission Fluid Change

While you’re aware that your vehicle is comprised of several crucial bits of machinery, one of the most important ones is your transmission. This component ensures that your vehicle achieves its desired acceleration by shifting the gears (whether manually or automatically shifted). Of course, like most engine components, it’s subject to some issues that require service or maintenance.

At Bohn Toyota, we’re going to focus on low transmission fluid symptoms and how drivers in Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie can spot them. Be sure to contact us today with any questions.

Why Does My Transmission Need Fluid?

The fluid in your transmission serves a few important functions to aid your vehicle with its performance. Its most basic function is that of a lubricant, to ensure that the moving metal parts in your transmission can function without creating too much friction. The fluid even keeps these parts cool to reduce overheating.

However, transmission fluid serves an even more important function: as hydraulic fluid. The fluid flows through the lines to assist the gear shifts. Without fluid, your transmission wouldn’t function properly and it would be at risk for overheating. However, in order to stay ahead of your transmission overheating, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the signs that you’re low on transmission fluid.

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Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid Change

There are several ways to tell that your transmission is low on fluid. However, most of these signs and symptoms indicate that you’ll want to schedule service as soon as possible to prevent any irreversible damage to your transmission or your vehicle.

  • The Transmission is Slipping- A major indication that you’ve got low fluid is that your transmission keeps slipping. A fairly easy way to tell this is happening is that the engine will speed up, but the vehicle won’t follow and it will putter until achieving the acceleration.
  • Difficulty in Shifting Gears- If you experience a jumpy performance, it may mean that your transmission is having a hard time shifting gears due to the lack of fluid.
  • The Fluid is Leaking- A reason that you have low fluid is possible because it’s leaking. If you notice a bright red pool forming under your vehicle, it could indicate that there’s a leak, and you’ll want to have it inspected and repaired.
  • The Transmission is Making Weird Noises- If you hear unusual sounds coming from your transmission, it could indicate low fluid. These noises are usually in the form of a gurgling sound or even a high-pitch whining sound.
  • Your Transmission is Overheating- This situation is dire, so if the warning light pops on, you’ll want to pull over to safety and turn the vehicle off to cool the transmission. You should contact your authorized dealer immediately to schedule service so you can continue to drive without the risk of overheating.

Schedule Your Transmission Service Today

At Bohn Toyota, we hope that this guide on low transmission fluid symptoms helps you notice the signs so you can quickly schedule service and have the issue corrected. If you notice any of these signs of low transmission fluid, schedule service with us right away so our technicians can not only repair the issue, but provide your transmission with more fluid so you can continue your journey on the road ahead without any hiccups.

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