How to Read Tire Size Harvey LA

Tire Reading
You’ve likely noticed the seemingly random collection of numbers and letters on the sides of your tires. Have you ever wondered what all that writing means? This code actually makes up your tire’s size. This information can be quite useful, our team of experts here at Bohn Toyota has created this guide to clarify what each number and letter tells you about your tire.

If you’re a Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie area driver, we invite you to take a brief moment to review the following information and contact us if you have any questions.

The Type of Tire

Tire Size

If you’re able to, go ahead and take a look at one of your tires. You will likely see the letter P at the far left to start your tire size off. This means that you have a P-Metric tire. This is to inform you that your tire was manufactured in the United States under the guidelines required for all passenger vehicles.

If you drive a light truck, the tire will not start with a P. Instead, your tire size will have the letters LT either at the beginning or the end.

Your Tire’s Width

The next item you will see in the tire size is a 3-digit number. This number tells you the tire’s width in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall.

Aspect Ratio

How to measure your tire

The aspect ratio is the number to the right of the slash mark. For instance, if your tire size started out as P225/60, the 60 means that the tire’s height is 60% of its width.

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The Construction of Your Tire

The letter R that comes next stands for radial. This is the type of construction used to put your tire together.

Wheel Diameter

The wheel diameter is the size of wheel that matches the tire. For example, your P215/65 R15 tire is intended to go with a 15-inch diameter wheel.

Load Index Number

tire size ratio

The number that comes next in the tire size code is the load index number. It matches up with a weight in the load index. This weight is the maximum load carrying capacity of your tire. This is the most your tire is meant to carry when it is correctly inflated.

Speed Rating

Your tire’s speed rating is the last piece of the tire size code. If you saw a tire code that read as P215/65 R15 95H, you would know that the H at the end is its speed rating and matches up with maximum speed capability of that tire.

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Instead of being a random group of numbers and letters, the tire size code is actually filled with a lot of valuable information pertaining to the proper operation of your tires and your vehicle as a whole. If you’re in the area of Harvey, New Orleans, or Metairie and have any questions about the above information or you would like to have your tires looked at, repaired, or replaced feel free to contact our service center at Bohn Toyota to schedule a maintenance appointment.