How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid Change

As a driver, you’re well aware that your vehicle requires several fluids changed throughout its lifespan. Oil is the most common fluid that’s changed regularly, but how often to change transmission fluid? This lubricant is vital to the performance, functionality, and efficiency of your transmission, so for a smoother ride ahead, you’ll want to know when you need to have it changed.

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How Often to Change Transmission Fluid

The frequency of your transmission fluid changes revolves around what type of transmission you have. If you have a manual transmission, you’ll want to have your fluid changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you have an automatic transmission, you may be looking at a transmission fluid change every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. If you put your vehicle through heavy-duty use, you may want to have your transmission fluid changed at the lower end of the mileage expectations.

What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

Like most engine components, your transmission is made up of several moving metal parts. These parts tend to rub against each other when the transmission is shifting gears. The transmission fluid simply lubricates these parts to help keep them from creating friction, which would result in your transmission overheating. The fluid also helps keep your transmission components cool to further combat the risk of the transmission from overheating.

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Transmission Change Symptoms

There are several signs and symptoms that can tell you that it’s time to change transmission fluids out for some new fluid. Since transmission fluid has a pretty hefty responsibility, you’ll want to stay on top of its condition so you’ll know when and how often to change transmission fluid. Here’s a few signs that you should look out for to know it’s time to change your transmission fluid:

  • Unusual Grinding Sounds- If you hear metallic grinding sounds, you’ll want to pull over to check transmission fluid to make sure that it’s at the appropriate level. While you’re doing this, you’ll want to see if the fluid is dirty or gritty, because when this fluid is contaminated by dirt and debris, it can affect the function of your transmission.
  • Problems Shifting- Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, you’ll notice a problem with shifting gears. You’ll want to check your transmission fluid to see if it’s at all sludgy because this can result in issues with shifting.
  • Slipping Gears- If your transmission is low on fluid, or the transmission is dirty, it can result in issues with remaining in gears. This will result in a jumpy ride. Check transmission fluid levels to see if it’s got enough in the system.

How to Check Transmission Fluid

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In order to really assess if your transmission fluid needs a change, you’ll want to check the levels of the fluid. You can easily check your transmission fluid on your own. Here are a few steps to follow to check the fluid:

  • Leave the car running and pop the hood
  • Pull out the dipstick and wipe it off with a lint-free rag
  • Re-insert and pull out again
  • Pour more transmission fluid if necessary

Schedule Your Transmission Fluid Change at Bohn Toyota

If you’ve noticed any of the transmission change symptoms, or you’re reaching your fluid change window, you may want to schedule service soon. You can easily schedule your service with us at Bohn Toyota. We’ll make sure that your transmission fluid is in great shape and at the proper level so you can resume your journey on the road!

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