How Long Do Tires Last?

Tire Treads

The tires on your vehicle perform a very important function. They’re pretty much the reason your vehicle moves. However, like a few crucial components on your vehicle, they don’t last forever and need to be replaced once they’ve become too worn. So you may ask, how long do tires last?

At Bohn Toyota, we’re here to give drivers in Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie some tips and insight into their tires by focusing on how they wear, signs they’re going out, and of course, their expected longevity. Keep reading to learn more about how long your tires can last and contact us with any questions!

How Long Do Tires Last

Tire Speed

The duration of how long your tires last can vary based on a few factors:

  • How you drive your vehicle
  • How often you drive your vehicle
  • The climate that you live in

Aggressive braking and traveling at fast speeds won’t do your tires any favors. Driving infrequently may appear to help you get more years out of your tires, but elemental factors like heat and cold can affect the integrity of your tires.

On average, if you drive roughly 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year, you’ll have your set of tires for three to four years. However, various factors can reduce the longevity so you may be swapping out your tires sooner.

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How Do Tires Wear?

Understanding how tires wear revolves around two major factors, what they’re made of and how they function. Since the main purpose of tires is to roll, the rubber tends to slowly shave off because they’re rubbing against the road. This is expected, so your tires shouldn’t wear prematurely unless there’s an issue with one or more of your tires. But once your tires are fully worn, you’ll want to consider getting a replacement set because tires with low tread don’t have the best traction, and gripping the road will become more and more difficult.

Signs of Premature Wear

Tire Pressure

Premature wear will certainly affect the longevity of your tires. Tire pressure plays a huge part in reducing premature wear. When one of your tires is underinflated, it will put more pressure on that tire rather than the rest, which wears the tire more. Over time, the worn tire tread will make it difficult for that tire to gain traction when out on the road. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for cracking or bulging, which can deteriorate the tire and deplete its integrity.

Have Your Tires Repaired, Serviced & Inspected

One of the best ways to stay on top of the condition of your tires is by having them inspected regularly, as well as rotated during each oil change. Tire rotations can help you get more out of your tires because this process helps even out the tire wear. Tire specialists can also help plug any hole with your tire so you won’t have to replace any.

If you’re in need of a tire rotation, service, or inspection, you can always drop by and see us at Bohn Toyota. We’re here to help drivers in Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie get more out of their tires and their vehicle. Schedule a service appointment today to stay safe on the road.