How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

Brake Pads

A good rule of thumb is that they’ll be good for 40,000 miles or so. However, there are always several different factors at play. That’s why our Bohn Toyota team decided to create this guide for our customers around Harvey, New Orleans, Metairie, and the rest of Louisiana. If you need a brake pad inspection or replacement right away, you can schedule a service appointment.

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Brake Pad Lifespan: General Guidelines

Although 40,000 miles is a good rule of thumb (as we outlined above), you really ought to consider your brake pads’ lifespan to be more of a range. On the low end, they might only last for 25,000 miles; on the high end, they could last as long as 65,000 miles. It’s even possible for them to go for up to 75,000 miles.

Brake Pad Repair

As we also mentioned above, there are three major factors at play in determining your pads’ longevity:

  1. Driving Style: The slower you drive, the less cargo you transport, and the more often you flush your brake fluid (ideally every 25,000 miles), the longer your brake pads will last (in general).
  2. Brake Pad Material: On the other hand, ceramic brake pads will typically last longer than semi-metallic pads. They’re simply made with higher-tech materials that are design for the long haul.
  3. External Driving Conditions: The smoother the road, the less wear and tear your pads will face.

Now that you have a better sense of what determines your brake pads’ lifespan, let’s keep it moving!

What are brake pads, anyways?

This is a great question. Brake pads are a set of two thin blocks that grip the disc in a disc brake. The disc is attached to the rotor, which is fastened to the wheel. When you press the brake pedal down (inside your vehicle), the caliper assembly squeezes the brake pads around the rotor, which stops the wheel, which stops the car. As you can see, it’s incredibly important that your brake pads last.

Why do they need to be replaced?

Brake Pad Change Interval

As you can probably imagine, squeezing a metal rotor that’s spinning at thousands upon thousands of rotations per minute causes a lot of friction – especially as it does that for tens of thousands of miles.

The brake pads start to wear down over time. Furthermore, little bits of metal shave off of the rotors and embed themselves in the pads. This is why it’s crucial to be proactive about replacing your pads.

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