Best Yoga Studios Harvey LA


Yoga is a relaxing form of exercise that can help melt away the stress of everyday life, while also increasing physical fitness. If you’re looking to get into the art of self-contemplation, visit these tranquil yoga studios around Harvey, LA. The classes at these studios cater to students of all levels and are led by highly-trained professionals.

So, try out this popular form of exercising by signing up for a class at any of these tremendous gyms!

Freret Street Yoga


The modernized facility at Freret Street Yoga is an ideal location to channel your inner peace and serenity.

If you’re new to the art form that is yoga, sign up for a private instruction class. You can sign up for a larger class that will give you the chance to interact with fellow students of a similar skill level.

Freret Street Yoga has been a staple in the surrounding community since its opening. To find out more about them, browse through their Facebook page.

Nola Yoga Loft

The progressive yoga studio called Nola Yoga Loft is a highly attractive studio that will help you take your abilities to another level.

Much of this development will stem from the expert teachers that lead each session. Their refined touch will encourage newcomers, while also challenging veterans. They even offer a healing technique called Reiki, which is a practice that promotes accelerated healing of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your own being which is conducted in a private one-on-one session.

To see pictures of this gym, visit the Nola Yoga Loft Facebook page.

Shanti Yoga Shala


A bit of calming spirituality will greet you as soon as you step through the door at Shanti Yoga Shala.

A few of the most popular forms of yoga at this studio are Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Sun Gazing Meditation, and insightful Satsang Gathering. There are also a wide range of appealing retreats that will give you a chance to explore the serenity of nature with fellow classmates.

Learn more about this charming and desirable yoga studio by visiting the Shanti Yoga Shala Facebook page!

Explore the Tranquility of Yoga at These Studios near Harvey LA

Yoga will benefit your body, mind, and soul. To start taking advantage of the many benefits associated with this ancient practice, sign up for a class at any of these revered studios!